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art and nft collectors

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100 collectors is a private club for art and NFT collectors in both digital and physical spaces.

Members are admitted based on a discerning selection process in which their genuine curiosity and interest in collecting has been thoroughly vetted and verified.

Collectors & enthusiasts residing in Lisbon may apply for the first local chapter of 100 collectors.

Discover Lisbon's vibrant local art scene with the 100 collectors club. Meet artists, go to art spaces and galleries, discover Lisbon's hidden gems.

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The team of 100 collectors is a group of individuals united by the pioneering spirit of Web3.

With already substantial careers and diverse experience in the art and tech industries, the initiators are uniquely positioned to create not only a quality community of collectors, but a movement in the space creating lasting change.

100 collectors aims to empower fine art and NFT collectors to build art collections of lasting significance and financial value and educate on how to contribute quality to the space - all in order to create a more robust ecosystem.

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