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The mission of 100 collectors is to nurture a network of dynamic local chapters populated by individuals deeply committed to enriching their respective art communities.

Our goal is to drive global change, bridging the digital and physical realms through private initiatives and meaningful action.

We wish to see an art and tech industry marked by quality - which is only done when individuals in local communities come out and do the work.

100 collectors was created because we understand the vital role that art collectors play in the art ecosystem. Their actions have a huge influence in the direction of this space and the creative output of the future.

At 100 collectors, we aspire to develop a powerful network - one positioned to support the financial prosperity and integrity of creators from all corners of the world.

We champions the diversity of collectors and their individual motivations, striving to forge a community united by a genuine passion for fostering a rich artistic landscape in our world and communities.

We value art for its intrinsic worth - NOT for superficial metrics like fame or fortune.‍This attitude stifles the creative process.

For us, a "true" collector is one who approaches their collection with fervor and purpose, regardless of its scale or their expertise. We place paramount importance on substance over quantity, recognizing that each collector brings a unique perspective and contribution to our collective tapestry.

At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to fostering a community grounded in ethical collecting practices and unwavering support for the arts.

If you feel the way we feel, you are in the right place.

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director & curator
fanny lakoubay
digital art advisor
eleonora brizi
digital art curator
delfina sena
project manager & curator
julia flamingo
writer & journalist
mary vaillancourt
educator & communicator
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