Digital art curator and blockchain expert Eleonora brings unique blend of experience to the digital world. Her perspective is shaped by her background in Chinese contemporary art, and extensive time living in Beijing, working as an assistant for artist Ai Weiwei and curator Jerome Sans. In 2018, she made a pivotal move, relocating to New York to delve deep into the world of blockchain technology.

As one of the first curating presences in Web3, Eleonora spearheaded many of the earliest crypto projects - and lots of them. Today, she continues to successfully curate and lead countless other Web3 initiatives, as well as maintain close working relationships with various high-profile digital artists.

Amongst her curations, she is the co-author of The Rarest Book, a collection of the 1174 cards from the Rare Pepe project, launched in 2018 and tokenized on Counterparty. She later curated the book Cryptoart Begins, an idea of The NFT Magazine and published by Rizzoli Italia and Rizzoli New York.
Amongts the art exhibitions, she directed and curated Renaissance in Rome, a very early show in Italy about digital and crypto art at the San Salvatore in Lauro Museums. In 2021 she curated the project "Hack of a Bear", by artists duo Hackatao for Christie's in collaboration with MOCA. In response to Head of a Bear by Leonardo da Vinci, offered in the Exceptional Sale at Christie’s London in July 2021, Hackatao created a work inspired by the Old Master drawing in Augmented Reality. This specially commissioned digital work was unveiled at Christie’s King Street 3-8 July, as part of the Classic Week view, visible via the Aria AR app. Also for Hackatao, she curated "Hack the Borders", a series of work in collaboration with the band Blondie.
In 2023, she curated a retrospective about DADA and cryptoart history at the MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan and she is today permanently collaborating with the center.

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