Pauline Foessel's career has been shaped by her inherent curiosity about the divisions within the art industry. She now serves as a connecting force, motivated to unite disparate sub-communities and bridge the invisible gaps.

Recognizing technology's impact on the art industry, Pauline founded Artpool—a private social media network and haven for professional art curators. This innovative service was designed to empower a community close to Pauline's heart—the art curators of our industry—to communicate privately, collaborate effectively, and forge meaningful connections free from the distractions often found on mainstream social media platforms. This vision was realized through meticulous vetting of network members, evaluating their CVs, work history, personal passion, and future aspirations within the field. Artpool's thoughtfully curated community has since flourished, boasting a membership of over 900 professionals and continuing to thrive today.

The success of Artpool additionally marked a turning point in Pauline’s career. In 2020 she initiated the launch of 100 collectors—an exclusive club for NFT and art enthusiasts. Although still in its early stages, 100 collectors has already seen success, offering a space for NFT and art collectors to connect, engage, discover, and refine their collecting skills under Pauline's extensive network guidance. She continues as a champion and creator of curated, merit-based digital communities, seeing them as the key to significant change in the digital space and the broader creative industry.

Pauline also serves as the Head Curator at Cultural Affairs in Lisbon, where she ardently advocates for greater appreciation, elevation, and connectivity with urban art—revolutionizing its perception. Under her leadership, the curatorial department of Lisbon’s Cultural Affairs frequently undertakes unique projects and partnerships, all contributing to the redefinition and spotlighting of the rich urban art landscape. Informed by her impactful roles in the urban art space, including artist manager of world renowned artist Vhils, directorship of Alexandre Farto's Vhils Studio, as well as the co-founding and co-direction Lisbon’s Underdogs Gallery. Pauline has wielded various platforms to significantly enhance Lisbon’s standing as a major player in contemporary public art, challenging traditionally revered cities for urban art like London, Berlin, Miami and more. Her ongoing efforts in Lisbon effectively bridge the gaps between traditional and avant-garde expressions.

Originating from Grenoble, France, Pauline additionally has previous management and development positions at Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris and Shanghai, as well as the Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation, have provided her with a diverse and international perspective on the art industry.

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